Both monitors are black, can only see mouse curser

Today I was playing a game in my pc, the game disconnected and I tried restarting the game a few minutes later. When doing so I just got a black screen on my monitor. I closed the tab on my second monitor but never regained a picture on my main monitor. I tried restarting my pc after that, and the computer started booting up normally, but after the bios booted it goes straight to my monitors displaying black screens. I can only see my mouse curser on my second monitor, and my main monitor turns on when the computer boots but displays nothing. I have an Aorus x470 motherboard, Asus rog 1070ti, corsair vengeance ram,and a Ryzen 5 2600x.


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    It sounds like you had some sort of video driver crash, but normally a restart would put it back to normal.

    Have you tried running each monitor individually and seeing if you can get it to display normally? Besides that, do you remember if you got any updates on the computer recently? 

    I'd try running each monitor individually first, see if they'll work on their own and then reconnect both if they do. Make sure you're only using one video cable for each monitor. 
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