Games Keep Crashing Out of Nowhere

Hi! A PC I built about 4 months ago recently started having problems. About 10 minutes into a game session, no matter the game or intensity (ranging from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to Minecraft) my PC never fails to crash the game or the system in it's entirety. I'm not too knowledgeable on the more intricate hardware and software side of things, but I managed to cover the basics. I have all the latest drivers, reinstalled most of my games (Some twice even) and nearly all my games keep crashing. However, when my PC does crash, I notice a low beeping sound and two off the red lights on my motherboard start blinking ( the CPU and DRAM lights flicker on and off whenever my PC completely shuts off.) I don't know exactly what could have caused it, but a couple days ago i went to plug my PC in after moving my setup and a spark came out of the outlet I plugged it into. I went to a different outlet to avoid it happening again and that's when the issues started occurring. This was about 4/22 when this happened. If anyone can help me that would be greatly appreciated.
System Specs:
Ryzen 5 2600x
Auorus B450M Motherboard
16gb DDR4 3200
Red Devil RX580


  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @Christian, welcome to the Micro Center Community!

    Do you see any error codes when the crashes happen?  Or does the screen go black and hear the beeps and the DRAM light?  I would recommend trying RAM troubleshooting.  What you would do is try playing with one stick of RAM and see if it happens, if it does, switch to the other stick of RAM and see if it happens again.  If it does, try again in a different DIMM slot.  Goal is to see if there is an issue with the RAM and see which stick is the issue.
  • Christian
    Hi! The screen just goes dark and i hear the Beeping and lights start flashing. I will try doing so. How do I know if the RAM is the issue?
  • PowerSpec_MikeW
    PowerSpec_MikeW PowerSpec Engineer
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    It does sound like a RAM issue. Basically, it's a crash and a failed POST. I imagine, you just turn it off and back on then it boots fine. These are typically RAM issues, which would account for your random crashing. It's even more likely with a second gen Ryzen, if you're pushing the memory clock speed. Please provide us with the full specs on your RAM and the let us know what it's running at (Frequency, Latency, voltage) from either the BIOS or CPU-Z. Also, please run the windows memory diagnostics.
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