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New Build, Motherboard won't read 2 RAM slots

I'm pretty sure I need to return *something*, but I don't really know what. I had an issue seating my CPU cooler, which resulted in the CPU (Ryzen 3700x) being pulled out of the socket and some pins being bent. I was able to put the pins back in line, get the CPU seated, and eventually get the whole thing running... mostly. The motherboard (ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming) doesn't recognize slots B1 or B2. I have tested my 2 sticks of RAM, both are good. In addition, the motherboard sometimes fails to post, the lights indicating either RAM or CPU being the problem. So, the problem seems like it's either the motherboard or the CPU, and I can't find any tests to determine which. Should I try returning the CPU? The Motherboard? Both? Or does anyone have any advice that might save my build?


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