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data recovery for nvme SSD Mac book pro

Hey everyone, so quick question - does microcenter do datarecovery on 2015 mac book pro nvme SSD drives? mine stopped Working a few days ago and cannot be read by the computer... wondering the chances if its totally dead or data can be extracted with an external card reader? thanks! 


  • Hey Devoye! Welcome to the community! Our service technicians in the store can certainly take a look and evaluate if any data is recoverable on the drive. Sometimes issue like this can also be an issue with the operating system files which can keep the computer from booting all the way up, if this is the case we also provide great options for data backup and data migration.
  • Thanks cody! I have another question!

    So i ordered a OWS Enclosure to take the data from my old drive into the new one and it just wouldnt read. It didnt show up when i went from disk utility recovery mode either... i have a strong hunch that the drive has failed :(... What kind of protocol do you guys do to see if you can extract data from these drives?
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    When you bring in the drive we'll do an initial evaluation to see if we think we can potentially recover the data or not. There may be a $50 recovery diagnostic fee for evaluating the condition of the drive, but I think that depends on our initial impression of the issue. If Service believes we'll have no chance at recovering the data they may not need to charge for that, but that's up to them. 

    If diagnostics look good in-store data recovery should be around $200. If we're not able to, we have the option of sending the drive out to a specialized data recovery lab instead, but doing that is extremely expensive
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