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Powerspec won’t turn on.

Just picked up a G705 this morning and it won’t even turn on. I’ve tried multiple outlets and nothing happens. Should I just bring it back to micro center?


  • Hello @Nina! Welcome to the Community. 

    Are you just flipping the switch on the back, or are you pressing the power button on the top of the case at the front? The power supply switch needs to be set to I for the system to power on. Once you have that, the power button on the front should work. 

    If you already checked those things, is the PC getting any fans or lights at all?
  • The switch on the back is set to I and I have tried the button on the top. No fans or lighting has turned on. 
  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    edited April 25
    Everything in the picture looks like it's plugged in properly, but if you're comfortable with it, you could try un-doing and re-doing the power connections and making sure the components are pushed in all the way, it's possible something is loose. The power supply cables are the thick black/yellow cables coming out the back of the case. 

    If that doesn't make a difference, I would recommend bringing the system back in. 
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