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Old pc rebuild

I have been out of the pc world for a bit and would like help. I would like to slowly rebuild my pc. As I am working on a budget. I currently have a asus m5a99x motherboard and a amd fix 8120 processor.  Would like to upgrade my graphics card.  Currently have a geforce gtx580 3GB card and looking to get a geforce rtx 2060 6gb.  Also running 12gb ram and thinking about more.  Cant remember alot on the compatibility aspects.  Please help.  I called my local micro center and was absolutely no help.  Just got a duno go to forums.


  • Hello @Hawkfan! Welcome to the Community. 

    A new GPU like the RTX 2060 would work with your system and would be a significant upgrade over the RX 580. Unless you're already maxing out your 12GB of RAM, that wouldn't be necessary upgrade. 

    If you want to upgrade your CPU as well, you'll have to get a new motherboard and RAM as well. New motherboards use DDR4 RAM instead of DDR3 and the CPU sockets have changed. 
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