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Wanna know if this build is alright

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This is my first pc build for $1,500ish budget. I wanna know if it’s all compatible and will fit in the case too. Hoping I can find all these parts when I go to micro center on Monday  https://pcpartpicker.com/list/qkpXWb


  • Hello @Gabe777! Welcome to the Community. 

    That's a really solid build overall,. Everything is compatible. That said, we don't carry all the parts on that list, namely the case, SSD and the liquid cooler. 

    We do have alternatives you could look at for those. We have a wide variety of M.2 NVMe drives and to be honest they'll all perform about the same. For the liquid cooler I'd personally look at an NZXT Kraken X53, for the case the Fractal Design Meshify C would be a great alternative. 

    There is also the possibility that some of the items may not be in stock, even if we carry them. All our availability is displayed on the website, so you can check in advance. 
  • @TSTonyV thank you so much for the help and advice, im going to take those alternatives and modify it at the store with items you do have in stock. Thanks again!
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