How do I get a power cord that was missing from my recent Monitor purchase?

Missing a Power Cord from my recent Monitor purchase.  I have been dealing with this issue since 3/25/2020.  I feel now that I am just being ignored and the hope is that I will just go away.  I purchased an Acer monitor on 3/25 and noticed that Friday that in the box the plastic that the cords were in and that the base for the monitor was in had already been opened.  To my surprise there was no power cord in the box.  I have called, texted, chatted over the last 4 weeks and have not been provided with a solution.  This is beyond frustrating.  I have not returned the monitor because of the Stay at home order in Colorado.  I was simply hoping that a power cord for the monitor would be sent to me so that I can use the monitor I paid for.  If this cannot be resolved in the next week, I will be disputing the transaction on my card for a defective product.  


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