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no display after windows installs Vega8 driver for 3200g

can install windows.
if i install without network, it continues to work
as soon as windows sniffs internet, it runs automatic driver updates and screen goes black.
If i manually download and install driver - screen goes black.
once a graphics driver is installed - there seems to be no way to get the black screens to stop short of reinstalling windows again.

i have also tried booting with a known working graphics card - makes no difference, and most of the time i dont even get a POST on the screen... but if i keep rebooting it, i can get the windows recovery environment and boot it into safe mode. Safe mode works fine, but no matter what i do - uninstall display drivers, install new ones, etc - i reboot into not-safe mode,   aaaaaaaaaand black screen.

i have updated bios drivers. i have 1 stick of ram 8 gb, i have played with DOCP enabled and disabled - no difference.

i have been at this machine for approx 10 hours, and i'm at a complete loss. anyone have any ideas? or is it time to return the cpu and look for an older generation?


  • forgot to mention motherboard is ASUS Prime A320M-K
  • As a temporary workaround, you could try changing the device installation settings to stop manufacturer apps/drivers from downloaded automatically, but this may not work depending on which version of Windows 10 you're on. 

    Go to Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced System settings on the left. That will open the System Properties Window, once you're there click the Hardware type then click Device Installation Settings and change it to "No."

    You could also have corrupt installation media for some reason? Though it's unlikely, I'd recommend creating a new set of Windows 10 media on a different flash drive if you haven't already with the Media Creation Tool:
  • If this issue persist through a reinstall, I would suggest disabling automatic driver installation as Tony stated from safe mode. Then run the AMD cleanup utility located here:

    This will wipe out all of your AMD display drivers. You could also go into try booting with low resolution video mode. What version of the driver are you installing?
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