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Looking to build a gaming PC

I am looking to build a gaming pc. I am a native console player of both xbox and ps4 but mainly ps4. I really don't know much about pcs other than PCs have some advantages over console. With the ps5 and series x coming out this year, which I planned to buy both I feel like for that price I could build pc that will beat the performance of next the gen consoles. I really don't have a budget but I would not like to go north of 1500 if that makes sense. I am a heavy call of duty player at the moment and will probably be the only game I play until the next halo, cod or ghost recon game comes out. I would like to for it the be FPS gaming based where I can achieve the best graphics, smoothest game play, fastest gameplay, lowest lag, be able to stream, which is to youtube mainly. i am not to worried about a key board or mouse as I will continue to use a controller for the moment. I use a battle beaver but I will definitely need a perfect matched monitor to pc.


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