Phone calls

Why can't i call  to local store in minneapolis?  I'm curious only cause  best buy is closer and  they can  tell me all i need if i have a question.  It's Near impossible to  run  40 mins to your store  to get what i need.  you also don't accept paypal


  • AlexS
    Greetings @Blight and welcome to the Micro Center Community.  We apologize for any delays but we've been experiencing a mass influx of contacts daily throughout all channels including phones, texts, email and chat ever since the beginning of the pandemic.  I understand you do not believe driving 40 minutes to speak to a sales consultant in our store isn't ideal, but I'd be happy to create a ticket and request a consultant at the St Louis Park location reach out to you and address any questions you may have.

    Also, as for Paypal, all I can say is that the decision not to accept Paypal was made at a company level.  I do not have any further insight on this matter so I do apologize.  
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