Can I put a purchase on my micro center credit account with just a driver license in store?

I have a micro center card but I don't have the physical card handy. Am I able to put a purchase on the account at checkout in store with my driver license?


  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @dl89, welcome to the Micro Center Community!

    Unfortunately, you will need to have the physical card for us to use it.  We only make the exception for when you first sign up for the Micro Center Credit Card, but anytime after that, the card needs to be physically there for us to use.  
  • dl89
    okay. if I have a bill statement with the account #, is that possibly acceptable?
  • bmcd4261
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    edited April 2020
    @TSPhillipT  if we applied and got approved for the Credit Card today and reserved a purchase for in store pick up, would I be able to take advantage of its benefits without the card?

  • TS_BryantA
    Good afternoon and welcome to the Micro Center Community! Thank you for your question regarding our Credit Card. The only time you would be able to utilize the Micro Center Credit Card without having it in hand would be with the approval email from Wells Fargo on the day of approval. Any time after that business day, you would be required to have the Credit Card in hand to utilize the benefits.

    I hope this helps, and if you have any additional questions feel free to let us know!
  • bmcd4261
    @TS_BryantA I have that so thank you!
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