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Overland Park Store: PVA filament

This store use to stock this.  Now it says it's not carried?  Can anyone confirm if it'll be re-stocked in Overland Park?




  • @David_B
    Good evening and thank you for your question regarding Filament. Unfortunately this item is listed that it will not be restocked in the Overland Park location. I apologize for the inconvenience, and if you have any additional inventory questions please let us know. 
  • Sure, thanks. Why is it not carried any more?  You carry dual filament printers would you stop carrying PVA?  Primary us for dual filament printer is soluble support material.  PVA is used for water soluble support material.  Also worth mentioning other Microcenter stores still appear to be carrying it.  Confused; huge selection of filament why leave out PVA all the sudden and why only this store?  Why not stock a few spools?
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