How to take Ownership of a File or Folder in Windows 10

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Are you trying to accessing files transferred from another computer or getting a message stating you don’t have permission to access a file? Thankfully this can be corrected quite easily through Windows Properties to get you access to your files again.

Here is how to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows 10: 

  1. Right Click the File or Folder you need to take ownership of then choose Properties.

    File explorer Context Menu properties

  2. Select the Security tab.
    Properties Window Security tab

  3. Choose Advanced.
    Properties Window security tab advanced

  4. Choose Continue.
    Security Settings Continue

  5. Choose Change.
    Security Settings Change

  6. Type your username, select Check Names, then choose OK.
    Select User Check Names OK

  7. Select OK again.
    Security Settings OK

  8. Choose Advanced.
    Locked file properties security tab advanced

  9. Choose Change permissions.
    Security Settings Change permissions

  10. Select Enable inheritance and then Apply.
    Security Settings Enable inheritance Apply

  11. Select OK.
    Security Settings OK

  12. Select OK again.
    Properties Window OK

  13. That's it - now you should have access to the file/folder!
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