Powerspec 011d build: best header for pump?

I purchased the Powerspec 011d kit with all of the Aluminum EK parts and the front distro plate, which I think you guys build with all the time for pre-built gaming pcs. What I'm wanting to know is which header is best for the water pump on the distro-plate. I'm using an ASUS z390 strix-e and it has all of the following available: CPU FAN, AIO PUMP, W PUMP+. I note that the W PUMP+ is the only PWM "fan" header that's 3A, and obviously the CPU FAN header can be dynamic. Currently I have it connected to CPU FAN and in the Q-Fan control in the UEFI I have that set to Full Speed. I did it this way to bypass that CPU FAN ERROR on boot since originally I hooked it up direct to the PSU with the included adapter. I just want it to run at full power all the time, but not sure if swapping to that W PUMP+ would mismatch the Amps on it; especially since there' no documentation included which gives the specs on that water pump.

Thanks for you help guys!


  • TSTonyV
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    If you can get it to boot when plugged into the W PUMP header that's technically the way you should have it set up, but most motherboards will not allow you to boot unless the CPU fan header is occupied. The CPU FAN header will work just fine, you shouldn't run into any problems with it. 
  • NedCrash
    Thanks Tony, I didn't have any issues booting with the direct connection, other than the CPU FAN ERROR it threw, but I figured out I can go into Monitor in the ASUS UEFI and set CPU FAN to ignore which will kill that error. It's only throwing it when nothing is on the header. So I guess I can go direct power to the PSU, but you don't think there's any issues with using that 3A header for this particular pump? Is direct power any better/worse?
  • PowerSpec_MikeW
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    You can use any header that you want. This pump isn't drawing much amperage. Now you are doing the correct thing by running the header the pump is connected to at full speed. You do not want the motherboard to try to throttle your pump with DC or PWM fan control modes. The AIO and W_PUMP+ headers default to full speed.

    Allowing the board to control your pump speed is going to to lead to inconsistent idle and load temps. As well as inconsistent acoustics. Caused by the fan speed changing while the system is idle, due to the pump throttling and allow
  • TS_BryantA
    Good evening! Thank you for your question and welcome to the Micro Center Community. The best heady for you to use after review would indeed be the W Pump+ header as this would be built specifically for water pumps that would not be just an AIO pump. If you do have any difficulties though regarding your build please let us know. 

    I hope this has helped, and once you've finished your build feel free to share it on our Community as we would be happy to see the final product!

  • NedCrash
    Thanks all, I'll try to get you guys some pictures once i'm finished, especially since I bought almost everything from Microcenter. Right now I'm trying to work out the kinks with iCue and Aura Sync to get my color scheme right. It's not quite a robust relationship as I thought, especially with the Trident Z in the mix. Once I get the final cable management and color build out for the RGB I'll post up for you guys.
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