How to Manually Add a Program to Startup on Windows 10

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Looking to get a program to start up with your PC that is not found in your list of Startup programs? This can easily be changed to get that specific program up and running when you start up your PC.  

Here is how you add a program to your Windows startup so that it can open as soon as you log in:

  1. Open the Start Menu to locate the program you want to add to startup.

  2. Right click on the program in the start menu, go to More and then select Show file location. If you do not see this option, this software cannot be made to run at startup.

    Windows Start Menu Program More Show File Location

  3. With the folder open, hold down the Windows key and press R to bring up the Run window.

  4. Type shell:startup and then choose OK.

    Run Shell

  5. Copy and paste the shortcut for the file location.

    Startup CopyPaste

  6. Once the shortcut is placed in the folder, you will see it on the Startup tab in Task Manager. By default it will be enabled to start up now with your PC.

    Task Manager

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