How to Daisy Chain DisplayPort Monitors

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This article will explain how to daisy chain multiple monitors with display port connections. Daisy chaining describes connecting devices one to another instead of each to the computer.

  1. You will need a graphics card with DisplayPort 1.2 as well as monitors with DisplayPort output. The last monitor in the chain does not need an output.
  2. On some monitors, DisplayPort 1.2 is an optional feature. If your monitor has this as an optional feature, be sure to enable it from the monitor’s on-screen menu. Refer to the monitor’s manual for instructions.
  3. Using a DisplayPort cable, connect your computer to the first monitor’s DP-in.
  4. Connect the next monitor by running a DisplayPort cable from the first monitor’s DP-out to the second monitor’s DP-in.
  5. Repeat step 4 until all monitors are connected

  1. Be sure to set your screen resolutions so as not to exceed the bandwidth of the single DisplayPort connection in use.
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