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Is it my motherboard or psu??

I was changing my brothers pc parts over to the cooler master h500 case and when I went to power it on smoke came from the 8pin psu/rear i/o on the aorus b450 pro WiFi motherboard. The system shut itself down I turned off the power and unplugged it from outlet. I took it apart and tested it out of the case and it won’t power on but the motherboard is getting power as the rgb on it is illuminated but is blinking orange near the i/o and green near the audio card. I’m not sure what happened all the standoffs were in the correct place in the case. Everything was plugged in correctly. I have made an appointment to bring in the pc to microcenter tomorrow but any advice if I should bring the parts individually or
put it back together in the case? Thanks for any help!


  • That's your VRM on your motherboard. It specifically powers the CPU, so you can still get standby power via the 24 pin, but it's not going to POST again, unfortunately. You can check the pins on the back of the board. Look for metal contacts that are either damaged or slightly blued.  It may well have just been a random failure of the VRM. No indication from your description that you did anything wrong.

    If you want us to diagnose the system and verify there is no damage to any other components, our store would charge a diagnostic fee, but we can do this for you. In that case, bring the entire system in, built. Otherwise you would want to repackage the components and bring them in to see a manager about an exchange.
  • Dang I was hoping it wasn’t the motherboard. Ok I’m bringing it in tomorrow for diagnosing. Thank you for your help. 
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