How to remove login password from Windows 10 Local Account

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Looking to remove your Windows 10 password on your local account? We will show you how to change the settings on your Windows 10 PC so that it does not ask for a password at login. Before proceeding with these steps, it is assumed that you have carefully evaluated the pros and cons and possible risks of eliminating a login password from your PC. 

If you have decided that you do not want a login password on your PC, these steps will help you get to that point.

  1. On the start menu, type Sign-in Options into the Windows Search Box and then select Sign-in Options.

    sign-in options typed into the Windows Search Box

  2. If you are NOT using a PIN to sign in, you can skip to the next step.

    If you are signing in with a PIN, you will need to remove it before turning off your password:

    • Select the PIN option and then choose Remove.

      PIN Option Remove

    • A box will come up confirming that you are removing the PIN - select remove.

      confirming remove

    • A box asking for your password will appear. Enter the password that you use to sign in and then choose OK and the PIN will now be removed.

      password confirmation box to remove PIN

  3. Select password option and then Change.

    password option screen

  4. Enter the current password that you use for signing in and then choose Next.
    password entry box

  5. Now it will ask you for a New password. Here, leave the entire screen blank (all three boxes) and choose Next.
    new password box with blank password

  6. Select Finish to complete the removal of the password.
    Finish screen
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