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How to tell if X470/B450 bios has been updated?

I know Microcenter proactively updated bios back when Ryzen 3000 came out, but what is the policy now? Can't get in touch with my local store to confirm and I don't have Ryzen 1/2 to update with.

These models in particular


  • Hello @jonny!  Welcome to the Micro Center Community!

    I apologize that you were unable to get in contact with us, we are experiencing heavy call volumes at this moment.  You are correct, we did update the Bios on all our B450 boards to be Ryzen 3000 compatible.  When you do go into the store to get your motherboard, there should be a sticker on the box that says "Ryzed 3000 Ready", and this should be on all our B450 motherboards. 
  • To add to what @TSPhillipT said, the sticker typically looks like this:
    Does the B450 support the new Ryzen 3rd Gen CPUs out of the box

    Hope this helps!
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