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Order Placed, still in Processing

I placed an order yesterday (Wed. 4/29/20), and the order is still in processing. This is at the Houston Store. I have plans to set up a customer this weekend. If this order will not be ready by Friday I will need to cancel. How do I cancel an order that is pending if customer service does not answer the phone?


  • Hello @JustinSaenz, welcome to the Micro Center Community!

    I apologize about the delay on your pick up order, we are seeing delays in reservations due to the high amount we are receiving.  I also apologize about the issues you are experiencing while trying to contact us.  We are seeing heavy call volumes at these times.  Unfortunately I do not have an ETA for when the order will be done, however I do not think you should cancel as it could be done today or early Friday.  If you would like to cancel the order still, you can DM me or another staff member on this forum and we can get that taken care of for you.  
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