Help choosing the correct home network components

I desperately need help choosing the right components for my home network. I have a total of (18) cat5e runs, but (7) will remain telephone land lines in case we ever sell the house. I am changing (4) of the existing R11 jacks to RJ45 jacks, adding (3) RJ45 that will need a 4/5-port switch to connect clusters of equipment (dish/TV/PS4, desktop/printer/dish/AP, etc.), have (4) future runs for TVs & a WiFi AP when I finish the basement, and may also add a couple more runs for future Ethernet jacks in strategic locations as the need arises. My ISP is being brought to the house via Ubiquiti Power Beam air fiber dish with cat5e to a wireless access point. I also have (14) RG6 runs throughout the house, with only (1) being used to bring the satellite signal to the main TV, then to (3) more WiFi receivers.

I would like to know if someone at MC could help me choose the correct components to tie everything together. I will either install a small rack with patch panel, switch, and power supply on the wall next to my electrical panels, or mount a structured media panel and land all the coax, telephone, & data runs depending on the cost. I would like to conceal all the components and make for a clean finished product. I don't necessarily need or want the ability to configure any ports or switches. In fact, I would like it to be as plug & play as possible.
Thanks in advance for your help.


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