Can someone review my selections I am A Stock Daytrader — Micro Center

Can someone review my selections I am A Stock Daytrader

I will never use this for gaming, however I will be running multiple monitors with live charting, newsfeeds and other windows open. (chat rooms, etc) 
I need this to be very stable. No crashing, bottle necking, delay.
Monitors: A couple of 

LG 27GL83A-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD IPS 1ms NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor, Black   I may consider a an additional 34" or 39" Same brand and style.

Thank you for your help,


  • IkaIka
    IMHO, a total overkill for what you are after, but if you have money to spare, go for it. Just add a decent UPS with AVR to protect your investment from power spikes and brownouts.
  • Welcome to the forum, Tyson_KO1. I agree with @Ika entirely, that system is extremely overkill for day trading. Here is what I would recommend:

    This selection uses an 8 core,  i7 9700K with faster base/boost clock speeds. 8 cores should be enough for the multi-tasking you'll be doing, and the boost in clock speeds might help the system feel a little more responsive. If need be, you can always swap this out for a Core i9 9900K and get the added benefit of Hypertheading. 32GB of RAM is not required for daytrading, but you can always choose to upgrade to that capacity should you find yourself running low on memory. The RX 580 that I selected supports 5 monitors in total (2 Displayport, 2 HDMI, 1 DVI-D) and will be plenty fast since you are not gaming at all.

    I noticed the monitor you selected is a 1440p high refresh rate gaming display. Do you prefer the higher refresh rates? Or would you rather go with a 60hz 4K panel for more screen real estate? LG makes a very solid 4k 60hz IPS panel that supports AMD's Freesync technology, which will work alongside the RX 580: I am actually typing to you on this exact same monitor, it's pixel density is EXTREMELY high (163 PPI). Text is very sharp with no increased scaling required. If you'd prefer 32 inches, this would be a decent alternative: Just keep in mind that it's a VA panel, not IPS, so colors may not be as vivid.

    As Ika mentioned earlier, having a good UPS is going to be key with making sure your system survives some nasty power surges. While most good quality PSU's are capable of taking a hit without taking other components with them, it's not worth taking that chance. I bought this a while back for my home plex server:,-10-outlets. It's actually on sale now, and supports AVR. 

    Lastly, if you can budget it in, it may be worth getting an extra Samsung 970 Pro SSD to setup a RAID 1 for a little added redundancy. At the very least, get an external drive to backup your data periodically. For daytrading, I would focus entirely on stability, responsiveness and data redundancy. Any downtime or data loss will be very costly. Hopefully this helps!
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