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What type of Internal Hard Drive should I get for my Powerspec G428? Is there an extra slot for it?

Hello, I need help figuring out what kind of Hardrive I should get to install into my Pc? I want to get the biggest amount of storage so I will probably get an eight terabyte version. However, I don't know if it's possible to install it into this Pc. In the past when I expanded the Ram I had trouble doing so because my computer's fan was too big to install it manually and I had to bring it in store for help. When I brought it there the sales associates were telling me the people who made the computer listed the PC as upgradable but it seems like the PC was put together without that in mind. (They said they were taking advantage of people who they think wouldn't upgrade their PC). So I wanted to know with the specks on my PC is there a way to add another Hard Drive to it? I've already added 64GB ram to it, any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!


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    Hello @Alicia! Welcome to the Community. 

    The case on that Powerspec does have slots for extra hard drives, they're located at the front of the case on the bottom. If you still have the accessory box for the computer, there should've been some hard-drive rails that you can use to mount a hard drive and slide them into the chassis. This picture is a side-shot of the case that your system uses, I've outline the hard drive bays in red. 

  • Thank you @TSTonyV ! That greatly helps me! I do not remember if I still have that accessory box, so is it a way to buy the hard drive rails separately? 
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    I don't believe we carry the hard drive rails on the shelf. The service desk at your local store might have some, otherwise we'd have to check and see if we're able to source any to ship them out. 
  • @TSTonyV Okay, can I ask if you can send me a photo of your hard drive rails? That way I can look for them if I know what they look like? Also I'm planning to purchase either the Toshiba N300 8TB NAS internal hard drive or the Seagate BarraCuda 8TB 5400RPM Sata lll 6Gb/s 3.5" Oem Internal Hard drive. Which one is better suited for my computer or does it not matter?

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    This is a little snippet I was able to find of some instructions for installing drives in these cases. The rails are the two pieces you can see on the outside. Hopefully it's clear enough for you. 

    It doesn't really matter which drive you go with. Technically the Toshiba is an NAS drive which means it's supposed to be optimized for use in network attached storage (so think cloud backup type stuff) but they should both work pretty much the same. 
  • @TSTonyV It is thank you~ Is there a recommendation for the type of hard drive I should get?
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    It doesn't matter too much, just find the one that has the capacity you want. 
  • @TSTonyV Okay Thank you so much!
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