PSU Causing Boot Loop In 1 Machine, Not Another?


TLDR: Can a PSU cause a boot loop in one machine but not another?

Built a machine in the winter. Here are the components

I have had issues with boot looping. I reseated CPU, tested ram, replaced mobo. 

Finally, I swapped the Corsair CX750 PSU with the Corsair HX750 in my work computer. That seemed to solve the issue. I had it checked out by Microcenter and they said they did not see any issues.

However I've since identified an issue. When running high graphic games like The Witcher 3 or  HellBlade:Senua's Sacrifice the machine will reset. No issues when playing less intense games like OctoPath Traveller or Ori and the blind forest.

I built this PC with the geforce 2080 to play all my games, not just the less graphic intense ones. 

So thats the situation. With the HX750 the machine works but wont let me play graphic intense games. With the CX750 it boot loops as soon as it enters windows.  

Again, Microcenter saw no issue when they had it. I'm scratching my head here and frustrated with an expensive machine that doesn't do everything I built it to do. 



  • PowerSpec_MikeW
    PowerSpec_MikeW PowerSpec Engineer
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    It does make sense that you're getting a bit further on the HX750. HX series are generally top quality units. It's more efficient.  To that end, have you considered that the issue may be with the outlet, cord or surge protector? I would try to rule those out as possible factors.
  • ofrivia
    Hey Mike, thanks for the reply. I have tried it plugged into 3 different outlets, and used a different power cord (From my computer that is working fine). Also tried surge protector ( I did the power strip). The HX750 works fine, only rebooting on the graphic intense games. The CX boot loops upon entering windows.  Do you think I just need to get an entirely different, and stronger, PSU?
  • PowerSpec_MikeW
    PowerSpec_MikeW PowerSpec Engineer
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    You've swapped out the power cord as well? It's rare, but I've encountered at least one instance of a bad power cable causing random reboots. At this point another higher wattage PSU is worth trying, given what you've gone through, but your system as configured based on the link, should run fine on a 650W.
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