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Cancelling an Order?

I had made an order (May 4th) for an AOC CQ32G1. I had previously attempted to purchase the same item on Saturday the 2nd, but didn't see a confirmation email right away and wasn't sure if the order went through or not. After placing the most current order for the same monitor, I found the confirmation email I had been looking for, but I couldn't find an option to cancel the order I placed today on the 4th. I'm hoping there is something I can do about this before I'm charged twice!


  • IanIan admin
    Greetings. If you could provide us with the order number you'd like to cancel we can take care of this for you. 
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    Hello TSlanL! I just logged in to check my order status and noticed that bother orders appeared to have been "routed", and an option to cancel them had appeared, and have since canceled the order I placed on the 4th. I'm guessing that the orders weren't fully processed yet to a point where I could cancel them at the time I made this post.

    Edit: Actually, there was something I may need a hand with. As I had mentioned, I had canceled the order I made on the 4th (and no longer have an order number to provide), but I left my order from the 1st intact (Order # 9965825). My bank account has a pending charge for the order on the 4th, but not the order on the 1st yet for whatever reason. Is there a way I can transfer that pending charge from the order I made on the 4th to the one I have from the 1st?

  • AlexSAlexS admin
    Greetings @BlackMorass

    I do see both orders listed as routed still.  
    May 1st - 9965825
    May 4th - 9991953

    I'll get the order # 9991953 cancelled.
  • AlexSAlexS admin
    9991953 rejected from warehouse.
    Awaiting cancellation.  
  • Oh awesome, thank you very much, I really appreciate it!
  • AlexSAlexS admin
    Cancelled!  You should receive a confirmation email shortly :) 
  • AlexSAlexS admin
    Closing this discussion!  Direct Message me if anything else should pop up or open a new discussion.  Thank you @BlackMorass!
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