Installed RAM, now Monitor cannot not pick up my PC.

Hello, earlier today the two 8gb sticks of RAM I order came in, I was upgrading from 2 4gb sticks. I took out the old sticks and was very careful not to touch the connectors. This was my first time ever removing the RAM, so I gently pushed the one side of locks down, and applied light force to the other side before seeing that they would not move, and were not intended to move. The graphics card was roughly three quarters of an inch away from this side, and my finger did touch the back of the graphics card. When I put in the new sticks of RAM, I inserted them correctly the first try. When I turned on my PC, my monitor could not find a signal. I went to put back the two old sticks of RAM, but still had the same issue. I assume that I damaged my motherboard somehow in the process. The DVI cable connects to my graphics card and my usb cables for my mouse and keyboards are connected to the motherboard. They no longer light up when I turn on my PC. The graphics card is connected to my motherboard. My graphics card still has a little light on if that helps at all, and the fan connected to the motherboard still powers on. Lastly I am fairly certain that the RAM-TEAMGROUP Elite Plus DDr4 16GB kit 2400MHz Unbuffered Non'ECC 1.2V U-DIMM 288 Pin is compatible as I had two friends confirm that it was compatible with my B250M-HDV Motherboard. My father assumes that the motherboard is damaged and I did not ground myself before insterting the RAM. Is there any other way I could trouble shoot to see if my motherboard is damaged?


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