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Question about upgrading Lenovo

I was given a Lenovo desktop and I was trying to add a video card to it, and the power supply does not have the right cables to install. After doing research I learn that Lenovo uses a different power supply and motherboard pin and I can not add a video card that requires power from PSU. IS it worth adding a low profile graphics card to the lenovo or just build a new computer?


  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    What do you actually need the graphics card for? Low profile cards are useful as a simple option to increase the number of monitors you can use with your system, but they're not designed for anything beyond typical basic office use on a system. If you're trying to game, it would probably be better to build a new system. 
  • ShirdShird
    maybe low profile is not the right term. A video card like the 1050 ti that doesn't require additional power
  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    Ah, I see what you mean. Something like a 1050ti would be serviceable for entry level gaming.

    I checked our own inventory and it appears that the gaming video cards all at least require one 6-pin PCIe power connector. We used to have some of those 1050 and 1050ti cards that could run without external power, but it appears the new 1650 cards didn't keep with that trend. 
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