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Changing the case on my revolt 2

Hey guys. I have a revolt 2 but I want to change to a different case. I have dogs and bunnies that shed and their hair is getting inside. Im a moron and need an easier case to open and clean all the dust and hair out. Any suggestions? I really don't have a budget.


  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
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    There are a lot of good cases out there, I'd personally recommend something with a mesh front panel and dust filter for ease of leaning. The Cooler Master NR600 or Fractal Design Meshify C would be a couple solid options. 

    The only question is what form factor the power supply is in that system. The Revolt 2 uses a mini-ITX form factor for its motherboard, but it doesn't list on their website if it uses an SFX, ITX or ATX power supply. If it's ATX, either of those cases will work. If it's SFX, you'll probably have to look at a different case like the Lian Li TU150, but I'm pretty sure it's ATX.
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