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Looking for WinBook TW102 default drivers

I just purchased a refurb WinBook TW102 on 7May2020.  It came with tablet and power adapter.  Looks like new, but had a password from previous owner that locked me out.  I installed an external USB keyboard, did a shift-restart, and "reset" the WinBook Windows10Home installation back to default, with Cortana guiding toward the end of the Windows reinstallation process.  When I got to Cortana's "Let's connect you to a network" screen, I was forced to click the "I don't have internet" option, as it seems the wi-fi drivers are not loaded.  I suspect no WinBook-specific drivers have been loaded, though the tablet mostly seems to work.  Where can I find the WinBook drivers?  Do they currently reside in a Win10 directory (I see no directory with them), or must I search the internet for them?  I will only download drivers from an approved source.  Thanks


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    Hello @DaveShoe! Welcome to the Community. 

    TW102 drivers can be downloaded from this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kS3YakOCVujiVeMMGJxM2EE7hjAu9D9Z. It's just a Google drive link but this is our link we provide for customers to download them. 
  • That you are admin in this forum gives me the confidence to download and install these drivers from google.  Thanks!
  • I've downloaded the zip file to my workstation.  I then transferred the zip file, and the unzipped folders, to my Winbook.  Is there a simple process to install all the drivers?  I don't see anything resembling wifi. in "Device Manager"  The only network device I see is a WAN Miniport.  When I attempt to update drivers for the WAN, it says drivers are current.  This WinBook presently has nothing indicating to me it can find the internet - not wired, not wifi, not bluetooth.
  • Is there a user manual or service manual for the TW102, or TW100 family, that might be of help?  I have the 9-page pamphlet that came with it, but that is quite basic.  Thanks.
  • In "networking and sharing center">"set up a new connection or network">"connect to the internet", I get the message "Windows did not detect any networking hardware.  The troubleshooter does provide the message, "Install a driver for your network adapter", though I have not yet seen any sign of a network adapter.
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    The Winbook drivers are a little different because they don't come with an auto-installer. In the folders for each individual driver, you should find a .inf file. Right-click each one and select "install."
  • Cool.  I never knew drivers could be manually installed like that.  I'll give it a try.
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    Let us know if you have any other questions!
  • DaveShoeDaveShoe
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    All of the drivers installed smoothly.  I went alphabetically through the directories, and rebooted each time it advised.  I got no warning messages.  I then "restarted" upon completion.  I continue to have the same internet problem:  "Windows Network Diagnostics" gives the warning "Install a driver for your network adapter", with fine print stating "Windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter.  If you have a network adapter, you will need to install the driver.".  Clicking the "next" button, it states troubleshooting has completed, with "Problems found: Windows could not find a driver for your network adapter.  Bummer.  I look forward to figuring out this bug.
  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    Can you check if the version of Windows installed is 32-bit or 64-bit? Those Winbooks should come with 32-bit but if 64-bit is installed it can cause issues where drivers won't install properly. 
  • Win 10 Home 2019 Microsoft - System Type: 32-bit OS, x64-based processor - Atom [email protected] - 2.0GB (plenty of RAM for what I need)
  • DaveShoeDaveShoe
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    I did a shutdown and restart, and checked for internet (still none).  I then, again, installed all the drivers (this time not rebooting when drivers requested).  After drivers were again installed, I posted the 32/64 bit Control Panel info above, and upon closing the control panel window, I found this "install error" message on the screen: "The operation timed out waiting for this device to complete a PnP query-remove request due to potential hang in the device stack of a related device.  The system may need to be rebooted to complete the operation"  I guess it is time for me to reboot my WinBook now (I'm typing from my workstation).
  • I just "restarted" to register the second install of the drivers.  When I click on the taskbar "globe" (Network & Internet settings) I get the same "Not Connected/Troubleshoot" screen which offers a link to "View your network properties" at the bottom.  When clicked, the "Properties show:
    Name: Bluetooth Network Connection
    Desc: Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network)
    Phys Addy (MAC): 84:...:bf
    Status: Not Present
    Max Transmission unit: 0
    Connectivity (IPv4/IPv6): Disconnected
  • I do have plenty of 2.4/5.0 wireless wifi active and available when my WinBook starts looking.  Starting to wish it had an ethernet plug. :-)
  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    Okay, to clarify, do you mean you can see the networks on the Winbook, or that you're in range of plenty based on what you see on other devices?
  • No.  My workstation is connected to them and can see them.  My WinBook doesn't seem to know that internet exists.
  • I just now realized I've not revisited the "Device Manager" since installing the drivers.  On visiting, I see it contains two new items under "Network adapters: 1) Bluetooth Device/PAN and 2) Realtek RTL8723BS Wireless LAN 892.11n SDIO Network Adapter.  The latter has a yellow ! exclamation mark in it.  This is BIG progress!  My WinBook knows I have a wifi card.
  • I've not yet troubleshot, but have double-clicked the new wifi option.  It says (General tab) the "location" is "on Intel SD Host Controller" and "The device cannot start (Code 10)", followed by (Operation Failed) and "The requested operation was unsuccessful."  The (Driver tab) shows driver provider is Microsoft, driver date is 17Nov2017, driver version is 3008.66.1013.2017, signer is Microsoft.
  • The Winbook bluetooth status has changed, in that:
    Status: Not Operational
    Max Trans Unit: 1500
    IPv4 addy: 169:.../16
    IPv6 addy: fe80:.../64
    DNS Servers: fec0:...:3%1
    Connectivity (IPv4/IPv6) Disconnected
  • Just "restarted" and my bluetooth went back to the earlier settings.  Still no internet.
  • ...also: Device Manager/Network adapters returned to only showing WAN Miniport, with the bluetooth and Realtek lines again missing.
  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    I'm thinking there's a good chance of a hardware issue at this point. At the very least Windows should automatically detect the hardware, regardless of an actual driver being present. 

    If you have something like a USB wireless adapter, you could try connecting it to the internet with that and see if Windows may be able to automatically download a driver update. Otherwise my only recommendation would be to try a reinstall/driver download one more time, and if it doesn't work a second time around it's probably hardware. 
  • I'll try USB wireless.  This is a clearance tablet and no others are available at the local store.  It is physically sized to fit my Win10-specific application (which when running does not need wi-fi).  Thanks for the guidance.
  • TSKyleHTSKyleH admin
    In your next attempt at installing the drivers, if at any point you see anything under unknown devices regarding network controllers, you may try clicking update drivers, and choosing browse computer for driver and look for the inf file this way.
  • TSMikeWTSMikeW admin
    This is a delayed response but it sounds like you're still missing drivers on some root devices. With this tablet, some components won't appear until you install the root device properly. Windows will find a driver and it won't report a problem, but it won't function properly. You need to manually update system devices like the Intel I2C, and there are multiple instances of several of them, all of which need to be updated individually. If you could send us a picture of device manager, and expand System Devices. We'll see if we can get you through it.
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