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Build question

Hey there I'm planning on building my first gaming PC. I'd like a PC that'd run any type of games very well and maybe even a VR set. I've put this together, do you guys know if these parts are compatible and if this is a good build? I'd appreciate any sort of feedback.


  • That's a solid build overall. I did notice you didn't include Windows in the cost, keep that in mind since it's another $140 to think about. 

    The build you have there should pretty much anything very well. At 1080p you could run 60+ FPS on high or max settings in even graphically intense games, in less demanding ones you could easily push 100+. You should be able to handle 1440p in pretty much any game as well. 

    Everything is compatible, just make sure when you pick up your motherboard that it says "Ryzen 3000 series ready" on the box, if not you'll need to do a BIOS update (which our service desk can do). 
  • Not sure if you already purchased parts or not but something to keep in mind is that AMD just announced that the 4000 series cpu's won't be compatible with 400 series mobo's.  So if you can swing it perhaps jump up to a x570 board instead of the B450 just because it will allow you to upgrade your cpu easier down the road without having to do both.  The asrock steel legend x570 board is pretty nice and would only cost you an extra 70 bucks currently.  Just something to think about if you want to be able to upgrade to a 4000 series cpu  down the road.  Or hold off and wait for B550 launch which I believe is next month and get one of those boards for probably the same price or only 15-20 bucks more.
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