Online Order Was Given Wrong Item

I just ordered two 16gb sticks (32GB Total) from microcenter online, in edition to a new CPU / Mobo. Upon assembly I noticed the system was only recognizing 16gb. after a closer look i see they gave be two 8gb sticks (16gb total). . . really frustrating since I had to drive quite far, wait outside, wait longer inside, then they couldn't find the order so repicked it. I bought the 2yr warranty so hopefully they will correct their mistake, but now will lose another day of productivity / travel. Disappointed the scanning system doesn't validate against the order? my receipt, order and charge all reflect the two 16gb sticks. 


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    Hello@jacks3tr! Welcome to the Community. 

    We can definitely get that swapped out for you so you have the right product. This is rare but does happen occasionally, but there won't be any problems if you can make the trip back in. If you have any other questions, please let us know. 
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