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Buying a macbook 16

Hi guyz..I want to buy a macbook from Flushing outlet..They gave on a sale.. 16 inch macbook pro they are offering about 2100 usd..Do i have to pay extra charges like tax or something like that?If yes how much it costs  

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  • Thanks for your informati... And to be frank how reliable micro center is for purchasin.. As i am buying a quite expensive one i dont want to be part of a faulty products :(    
  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    All products should be tested and verified working by the manufacturer before they're in our hands. There is always a small chance of getting a faulty product out of box, unfortunately that just comes with the the territory on electronics. However it's very rare, and should you run into any issues you can always pursue a return/exchange or having it serviced under the warranty. 
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