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Extra case fans installing

I recently purchased the PowerSpec g162 and I noticed I could add more case fans, I did so and bought some and located the area for the fan.. now my problem currently is I have no idea where exactly I connect the new fan to get some power? I’m super new into gaming PCs and understanding it and I would appreciate the help. I also accidently threw away the manual so I’m pretty stuck atm. Thank you for anyone taking their time reading this. 


  • TSKyleHTSKyleH admin
    Hello @Inisent, I understand you are trying to install fans, the motherboard does appear to have a couple chasis fan connectors that will allow the motherboard to control the fans. The Asrock Manual can be used to find those locations. If the fans still have separate power connection you may need to use the Molex connectors from the power supply, these are the white connections. 
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