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Beginner at building, looking for advice

Too start off this will be my first build. I had ordered a pre-built off amazon but with everything going on the company was unable to supply but im taking that as a blessing because i was on the fence of just building my own PC and this just confirms it. So what i need help with is pretty much what to buy, ive only ever used laptops so this will be a huge upgrade for myself. what i ordered off amazon is...

 Ryzen 5 3600 3.6GHz, GTX 1650 4G, 500GB SSD, 8GB DDR4 3000MHz, RGB Fans, Windows 10 Home 64-bit, 802.11AC Wi-Fi

i want to upgrade that ryzen 5 to a ryzen 7 and more memory. i am a complete noob at this so if anyone likes to use the PC builder and point my in the right direction that would be great. im going to be searching more things on this forums and looking on the internet in general but i thought id try my luck on posting this and seeing if i strike gold. Thanks in advance. Also my budget is 1500$ more or less, it think thats a good starting point for my first build.


  • so im looking and it seems to be that the ryzen 5 3600 might just be what i need and upgrading that right now can be just over kill
  • Hello @Tknewl25, welcome to the Micro Center Community!

    I was about to say that a R7 3700X might be a bit over kill, but this depends on how you answer a few questions.  Are we including monitor and peripherals to the budget?  If you already have a monitor or are planning on getting one, what resolution is it?  1080P?  1440P?  Lastly, what are you mainly doing on your computer?  If gaming, what games do you plan on playing?  Are you looking to stream/content create as well?  When it comes to a computer build, it helps to figure out what you want to do with your build before building it.  
  • so the budget just consists of the pc itself, i have a keyboard,mouse,speakers and 2 monitors ready to go. The monitor is a sceptre 30" 21:9 Curved Gaming Monitor 2560 x 1080p Resolution and then i also have a 24" sceptre same 1080p that i will be duel monitoring. The games i will be playing are Ark, escape from tarkov, GTA5, Valorant, and will probably dabble with any MMO's i come across, also be playing OSRS in the background but you can play that on a phone from the 90s lol. i dont see myself streaming but i would not mind creating some content for my group of friends so nothing too big but id like a decent amount of memory to not have to worry about saving too many things, so yeah large memory, good graphics so i can see everything nice and smooth and beautiful, and can handle multitasking, running two different things on each screen. 
  • Gotcha, all the games you listed aren't super demanding besides GTA5 at certain parts. Mad respect to the OSRS!  Was a big RS head back in the day, always played around the idea of doing it all over again... just feels weird starting new since I was maxed (but it was RS3 lol).  Here is a quick build I made using some of the parts listed above and getting it around $1,000

    If you are looking at the $1,500 budget, you can consider doing some upgrades, however I think as is and the games you are playing I don't think you would benefit from them.  I upgraded the RAM that you were originally getting to 16GB, and the SSD that you have is the best M.2 SSD you can get in my opinion.  I also upgraded the graphics card to a 1660 Super.  You definitely have room to upgrade, but I wouldn't go any higher than a 2060 Super unless you start doing 1440p Gaming.  

    I did not include any RGB Fans as they can get a bit annoying for a first time builder since they can use a second cable to manage the RGB and sometimes even include RGB Hubs/Controllers.  Can be a big headache for cable management on a first time build.  If you are willing to do it however, I recommend doing the Corsair LL120 as they are my favorite RGB Fans.  With iCue, you have crazy control with the lighting effects.  Just make sure all the fans have the proper orientation if you do go with the LL120s.  

    I would also consider adding a 2TB Hard Drive as just back up storage and a good way to not clog up the storage on your SSD.  
  • Mr TSPhillipT you are an amazing person thank you so much, i am going to follow this build exactly and add the 2TB. as of right now my unit is actually activated til the 31st so june 1st is when il be doing the building of the pc :) thank you again and if you ever come over to play OSRS again let me kno i can definitely repay you for all the help you giving me
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