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Unusual BIOS error affecting keyboard functionality

I have an usual error that is correct by reflashing BIOS. Every two weeks multiple keyboard keys stop working: e.g., capslock, ctrl, F7 and about 10 more. I accidentally discovered, after HP requested that the BIOS needed updating, the keyboard came back after the BIOS was flashed--all keys worked again. This has now happened 3 times and reflashing the bios fixes the problem for two weeks--I can almost set by calendar by the return of this malfunction.  Any ideas. Thanks!
 Omen Laptop 15-dc0xxx
Intel Core i7-8750H @ 2.20GHz
16GB ram
Windows 64 bit x64 based processor


  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    If the issue has been reoccurring this often, I'd be willing to bet it's likely hardware related. Did you try anything from a software standpoint? Reinstalling your operating system or anything along those lines?
  • Hello @StevenS, welcome to the Micro Center Community!

    Have you tried any keyboard driver uninstallations/installs?  Have you also tried plugging another keyboard into the laptop and seeing if the issue happens with the external keyboard?  
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