Why are there no reviews?

Microcenter has the infrastructure for reviews, but there are almost none on the site (I have not seen any, though I have done a couple).  I did a 5 star review on a power supply, and it's still hanging around, but the negative review I did for a USB drive got deleted and removed from the site.

I'd like to post a negative review about a Seagate hard drive that has abysmal performance, but there's no point if it will just get deleted.  It's a 10TB SMR drive, but I didn't know about SMR until after I bought it and realized that ~40mb/sec is all I was going to get out of it.


  • TS_BryantA
    @allanonmage Good evening and welcome to the Micro Center Community! We do have a review system available for both 5 to 1 star reviews. I'm sorry to hear the previous review was deleted and will be happy to forward this to our management team. We want to make sure that all reviews are available, be they a good experience or negative experience. This allows us to address any issues you may have with one of the items we carry. 

    If you could Direct Message me with the reference number on your receipt, I'll be happy to forward this to my management team to review the item, and check with our web team to see if there have been issues with reviews being deleted. If you have any additional concerns or questions, please let me know. 
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