Wish List Functionality

Why does a tech/computer retailer not have a system in place to notify a customer when an item in their wishlist comes back in stock.  Since you won't tell anyone when your buyers expect delivery on their orders, wouldn't this be a better solution?  All I've been given by your representatives is "check the website Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, multiple times, between 10am and 5 pm.  That is when we receive our shipments."  That is the most backward way to handle a wishlist that I've seen on any site.  I expect better from a company that deals specifically with building computers!


  • TS_BryantA
    @dmb8169 Good evening and thank you for forwarding your concerns to the Micro Center Community. Unfortunately due to the variety of items and with the possibility of delayed shipments we do not have a system available to notify of product in stock. Once shipments are received and items are confirmed in stock, our website being linked to our inventory will update as soon as the item is in stock. I Will forward your feedback to see if this may be something applied in the future.

    If you have any additional concerns or feedback, please let us know as your opinion on any possible improvements does matter. Thank you again for contacting Micro Center, stay safe and have a great weekend!
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