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Hello! First time customer! I have two questions. I have recently placed and order and was told it is ready and will be ready until Friday by end of day. My issue is I work until 5pm and live about 45 minutes away. Would we be able to hold my order until Saturday and I’ll definitely be there? My second question is would you guys be able to have my MOBO firmware updated before I pick it up? Thank you so much!


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    Hello @JStarr022! Welcome to the Community. 

    Reservations automatically cancel after three days, but if there's still some of that product left, you can just place a second reservation tomorrow that we can hold until Saturday for you. Unfortunately we wouldn't be able to update the firmware in advance, that has to be taken care of after it's purchased. That said, I'm guessing you ordered one of the 400-series Ryzen motherboards, and most of those should have the BIOS updated already out of box. Double-check on it for a label that says "Ryzen 3000 series ready" before you leave the store with it, if it's there then you're good to go. 
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    It is a 400-series MOBO. It was one that was shown as a promotion with the Ryzen GPU. 
  • TSKyleH
    Hello @JStarr022, we have many 400 series boards that have been updated, but there is still chance the update is needed. When picking up the product your welcome to check the box for the bios version or a sticker mentioning the 3000 series processor compatibility.
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