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Help with my first budget gaming build

I am currently looking into building my first PC. budget is about 1000 but can go up to 1200 all things included if needed. Ideally I would like to pick up everything in store in a few weeks. Minneapolis (St. Louis Park) location.
I've put together a semi decent list and wanted some additional input. I am pretty set on the case but pretty much everything else I am flexible on. I will want to have wifi and Bluetooth available either on the motherboard or a separate adapter. I dont need anything with RGB, but if things are not more expensive and have it then I am not against it. 
This will primarily be used for gaming and I want to be able to play with good FPS at high settings. Games I currently play are No mans Sky, fortnite, halo. No need for 4K or anything but I would like to be able to play newer games at high settings if possible. 


  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    Hello @craftb8! Welcome to the Community. 

    It's a solid build overall, although I will mention that you chose a mini-ITX motherboard. There's nothing wrong with those, but I typically only recommend ITX boards if you're specifically going for a small form factor build. Since the case you chose is a standard mid-tower, I'd recommend switching to a normal ATX board. They're a little more forgiving in terms of expansion and internal I/O. This is is another Gigabyte Aorus Pro, but the ATX version, so I think this would be a good fit:

    Beyond that, my only other recommendation would be to look at DDR4-3600 memory, since that's the sweet spot for third generation Ryzen CPUs in terms of RAM speed. The build is solid overall and should handle the games you listed extremely well. 

    I also noticed you didn't include Windows, remember that's an extra $140 if you plan to purchase a copy. 
  • Thank you @TSTonyV

    Would there be any benefit to getting a gold rated psu as opposed to the bronze? 

    One additional question I had is if I should buy everything now or wait until its closer to when I will build it? Everything but the motherboard is in stock currently, but some things with only a couple items left. Should I wait a few weeks to see if it is all in stock at once or but what I can now and keep checking on everything else? I know stock is hard to predict right now, but all these parts to me seem like they would be stocked fairly frequently. And I am thinking the main reason for me waiting would be to keep in the 15 day return window if there are any issues.

    Thank you again for the help, your build guides and comments on this and other discussions have help me feel confident building my first PC!
  • TS_TristanTS_Tristan Columbus, Ohio admin
    Hello @craftb8
    The difference between the ratings are basically how efficient the PSU's are. Here is an article that will better explain:,36721.html
    I would recommend waiting for the motherboard to become available. First, because all other boards in stock at the moment do not meet your requirements. (Although you could purchase adapters...) Second, so you are able to build it all at once and like you said, if there is an issue, you can still return/exchange.
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