Help with compatibility / is this right?

Hello there! First time here, haha. I need help just making sure all of these parts work! I initially made my build on pcpartpicker but prices on here were a lot cheaper, but I had to change things around since I could not find the exact parts. Here is the link for the parts on here:
I am going to end up having to buy the case somewhere else because I cannot find a case that works similarly to what I wanted (without being a lot of the build's cost haha). However, if anyone could take a look at this, and tell me if I should change anything or if it looks good, that would be much much appreciated!


  • TheITDad
    Your compatibility looks fine just fair warning that AMD just announced that their newest 4000 line of cpu's coming later this year won't be compatible with any 400 series Mobo's.  So while there is plenty of cpu's to upgrade past the one you have selected you will be limited to the 3000 series cpu's.  Also what is the total you can spend budget wise that is keeping you from picking a case?  I see you are at 581 but what do you have left over for a case?  We might be able to help pick a good one even at a budget.  Although you will want to get to 16gb of ram as soon as you can and that will most likely be your first bottleneck on performance.
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