Intel 10th Gen purchase options

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Hello Micro Center,
My apologizes if this is in the wrong thread, please move it or close it and I will post this again in the correct section.

I've been anxiously waiting to complete a new system build (case, cpu, board, and ram) starting with the 10900K. I called MicroCenter Tustin but it looks like the wait is currently full to reach an associate. How will you guys be handling the release of these chips? Will it be online to purchase for in store pick up? or first come first serve May 20th? I would love to get everything from you guys in one go!


  • TSKyleH
    Hello @kevinsw0rld, in the past the processors will be unavailable to reserve online and are not accepting pre-orders.. Unfortunately I am not sure if when we will have them in stock, but they will be displayed online once they are in stock. Then you may come to the store on a first come first serve basis to be added to the wait list for entry.
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