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Windows 7 Admin Password Reset

Hello! ..  Hope everyone is doing well. 

Need help!...
Locked out of admin account in Windows 7.  (No other admin account.)
Purchased H.P. laptop pc from Micro Center, circa 2013, with Windows 7 already installed.
No password reset disc or system restore disc. 
Microsoft will not help due to them no longer providing support for Windows 7. 
Q.  Does anyone know where I can get a Windows 7 install disc? ..   Or, any other ideas?

Please help! -  Thank you.


  • Best source for media would be to contact the manufacturer and request it that way. There's not much else I can offer here, there's always a way around the password, but that's not information we can share or direct you to. If you would like to bring the system in we should be able to help you change it or at least reinstall the OS. We will need to verify ownership.
  • Is there a certain location I am required to bring it to?   Or, will any location suffice?
    Lastly, will I lose any files or programs with the re-install?
    Thak you. 
  • Whatever your closest Micro Center store is would be fine, you don't have to take it to a specific one. 

    An OS reinstall would be a clean reinstall and you would lost anything not backed up already, but we have data recovery and backup services we can go through first if we do need to reinstall the OS. 
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