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Powerspec Ultra 3d Printer

Hi all, my powerspec ultra is printing everything about 10% smaller than put in. I have tried to slice my builds using their recommended software 'powerprint' and the flashforge software 'flashprint' I have also done a firmware update. I know its not natural PLA shrinkage. I am out of ideas. Help!


  • TSMikeWTSMikeW admin
    That's usually more of a problem with ABS than PLA and 10% would be extreme for ABS. Are you printing multiple objects at the same time or just one? Would you be able to post some examples? And just to confirm this is with everything, not an issue with duplicating the initial print?
  • szozdamlszozdaml
    edited May 17
    The problem is with everything I print. I also print on some qidi x-smart and x-plus printers using the qidi software and have no problems with scaling. I can print the same G-code on all my printers all PLA and the powerspec always comes out significantly smaller. I have posted a pic below of two prints I have done with the same .STL with the gcode produced in their respective software. The black one is printed on powerspec (g-code produced by Powerprint) and red is printed on qidi x-smart (g-code produced by Qidi tech software). Both printed using Inland PLA
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