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PowerSpec G465 Freezing issue

Yesterday I purchased a PowerSpec G465 (Build 4). I have been trying to play Modern Warfare and have not been able to play more than 2 games at the most without experiencing the PC freezing. This has happened 10+ times. One of the times I received the DPC_Watchdog_Violation code and my pc restarted automatically but, every other time I had to power it down. Initially I thought this may be because I was trying to run the game in 1440p so I went down to 1080p but, received the same results. Please help!


  • DakotaDakota
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    To add to my original post, I did this as well taken from a post that stated a similar issue but it did not help: 
    TSMichaelB said:
    Welcome to the forum Keevot, sorry to hear you're having some trouble with your G465. This BSOD is one of the more common crashes as it's common for driver quirks to cause it as well as unstable overclocks. If you've performed any overclocking on the system (CPU, GPU, Memory), I'd start by reverting those changes first to see if the errors go away. If the system is still in its stock configuration, we can move on to drivers.

    I would recommend starting by using DDU to completely nuke the current graphics driver. Sometimes there are situations where a game crash or generic driver crash can cause corruption with the driver, which can prompt hardware crashes like the BSOD you've experienced. DDU can be obtained here: https://www.wagnardsoft.com/DDU/download/DDU v18.0.2.3.exe. Run that and extract the program to an easily accessible place. It's recommended to run it in safe mode, however this is not a strict requirement. Once opened, select your Nvidia graphics on the right hand side then select "Clean & Restart".

    Once complete, download the latest Nvidia driver directly from Nvidia's website. As of this post, the latest driver is version 445.87: https://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/159423

    I would also recommend downloading the latest chipset driver for your motherboard: https://download.asrock.com/Drivers/Intel/INF/INF(v10.1.18019.8144-Public).zip along with the Management Engine driver: https://download.asrock.com/Drivers/Intel/Others/ME(v12.0.40.1433v2_CONS_SW_MSI).zip

    I would start with these and see if this resolves the issue for you. If not, we can explore additional troubleshooting options to get to the bottom of this for you. I look forward to hearing back from you.

  • Hello @Dakota and welcome to the community!
    I am sorry that your new PowerSpec PC is crashing. 
    Does the PC only freeze when opening games or playing games? It is possible that this is a different driver issue or even due to corrupt system files. Can you open 'Event Viewer' by searching for it in the Windows search bar or by right-clicking on the start button. Click the dropdown for Windows Logs and look at the application and system logs around the time the PC freezes. You may see an 'error' or 'warning' around the time it froze. If you find any of these, please let us know the details of that error message. 
  • Thanks for the reply @TS_JosephF It only freezes when playing games. My last freeze was around 8:23 P.M. Here's a look at both application and systems logs. I see error messages but I really don't know what I'm looking at...
  • TSMikeWTSMikeW admin
    This is a system event more than likely. Could you show us what you have under Custom Views > Administrative Events? It should be right before the Critical Kernel-Power event. When the freeze occurs, does audio continue, or does this freeze as well? Does the fan speed on the case/CPU fans increase?
  • @TSMikeW Thank you for your reply. I got too frustrated trying to troubleshoot this and ended up returning the PC and getting a new one of the same model (Had to drive an hour and a half to my next closest MicroCenter where they had 1 in stock) My experience with the new computer has unfortunately been worse up to this point. I pulled it out of the box with the case partially hanging off. This was due to the connecting part being glued on extremely crooked. I could look past this but when i went to start it up, my monitor would not recognize that anything was connected to it. I tried display port and hdmi and nothing was working. I ended up having to take off the gpu and put it back on. This solved the issue. I'm installing things currently and I guess will report back here if I have any issues. Extremely disappointed with PowerSpec computers up to this point...

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