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X570 mobo shortages, what's up??

cine_chriscine_chris Powder Springs, GA ✭✭✭
Is there anyone that can explain the shortage of X570 chipset motherboards? 


  • Is there anyone that can explain the shortage of X570 chipset motherboards? 
    I don't really have an "official" answer myself. I've been watching and it appears to be impacting the entire industry. I can't quite tell if it's just simple supply & demand, or if there are issues with manufacturing yields, but looking at both our inventory and the inventory of our competitors, those chipsets are sold out nearly everywhere.

    It likely doesn't help that AMD has announced that only the 500 series chipsets are going to support the next gen Ryzen CPU's, so people are probably jumping ship from the 400 series to be ready for the next gen processors. Hopefully with the arrival of B550, X570's inventory issues will be resolved.
  • cine_chriscine_chris Powder Springs, GA ✭✭✭
    @TSMichaelB If you combine the mobo shortage with vacancies in mid-range power supplies, it's probably gamers masquerading as part of the work-from-homers.  :)   From a different perspective, it could also be an AMD logistics failure?  So where is all that silicon going?  Game consoles? Laptops?  Enthusiast PC builders are at the bottom of the food chain, I get it.  
  • I don't know if it's a matter of the silicon itself, or if AMD is dedicating more of the fab space to produce the B550 chipsets in anticipation of their higher demand. I imagine more people are interested in the B450/B550 series due to the price:performance that is offered compared to some of the higher end chipsets, so from a sales perspective, it would make sense to dedicate some of that fab space to meet those demands.

    Here's to hoping AMD can meet the demands of Zen 3, as I would love to upgrade platforms when next gen Nvidia cards launch and I might jump ship to AMD's platform options while I am at it. 
  • cine_chriscine_chris Powder Springs, GA ✭✭✭
    It looks like they've been pumping everything into B550 which makes sense.  However, the quarantine exhausted the X570 reserves.  B550 + the new Ryzen3s will really put a stake into the Intel market.  The Ryzen 3 3300x w/ a B550 is on my frugal-engineer target list as a testbed platform. 
  • cine_chriscine_chris Powder Springs, GA ✭✭✭
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    TSMC just severed Huawei's chip production.  That'll free up fab space "Halting business between Huawei and TSMC could ultimately end up severing the relationship between the two companies. Huawei is TSMC's second biggest customer behind Apple. According to numbers from Bernstein Research, Huawei  represented 15-20% of TSMC's annual revenue. TSMC will likely survive without Huawei since the foundry has many A-list clients; however, the foundry's revenue will almost certainly take a hit."
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