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Open Box item missing "Power" Or, cord?

Hello,  I'm looking at the Open Box item for the PowerSpec G705 PC.  It says that it is missing the "Power".  Is that just the power cord?  Or, the actual power supply within the case?  Thanks!


  • Welcome to the forum, @Patrick341. I would expect it to be the power cable. We would never sell an open box unit with a physical component missing that is required for the system to function. Power cables are often forgotten when returned as it's extremely easy to leave them plugged into the outlet when you box the system up. Since the G705 uses a non-modular power supply, we know it's not missing any internal power cables, so it's likely the C13 power cable. 

    As always, I would recommend double checking with the sales reps at your local Micro Center store before you leave the store to make sure that everything else is included. We carry C13 power cables if you need one, or you can use any that you may have lying around the house as they are quite common these days. Here is a link to the power cables we carry:

    If you have any further questions, please let us know!
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