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Hp Chrome Notebook

My hp chrome notebook won't turn on. No activity at all. No lights come on showing when it's charging. Everything worked one night the nothing worked the next morning


  • Hello @Amy, welcome to the Micro Center Community!

    I have moved your discussion to the Tech Support section as it falls more towards this category.

    Have you tried a different outlet?  At the moment, it is hard to tell whether it is the charging cable or the laptop itself that is the issue.  You can also bring it to us at Micro Center and we can see if we can figure out if it is the wire or the laptop itself and either replace the wire or service the laptop depending on which one is the issue.  
  • AmyAmy
    Yes i have tried different outlets and the charging cord does work on other devices. I will probably have to just bring it in. Thank you
  • AmyAmy
    It is still under manufacturers warranty for another 7 months. Does that make a difference?
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