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ASRock B450M PRO4 vs ASUS TUF B450M-Plus Gaming

WafflerWaffler Cleveland, OH
This is what happens when I have too much time, I obsess over minutia of motherboard capabilities and features.

For now, I have the ASRock slotted as my choice, but I want to be 110% sure about this, because I do see the ASUS is in stock and it's only $10 more than the ASRock and I'm kinda antsy about getting my new PC built before my old rig quits on me. So, questions:

1.  Am I correct in seeing that the ASRock has a heatsink for its chipset and more fan headers than the ASUS?
2. I've read reports about the disparity in VRM between the two, in that the ASUS is a bit better? Is this a big deal? (Should note that I have no intention of overclocking)
3. This might be a little more subjective, but do their reputations matter? People swear by ASUS for their supposed higher quality and more well-built boards than ASRock, which I guess could be viewed as the redheaded step-sister of motherboard brands.

The thing I care most is stability and durability. Which board is known to have BSOD issues vs being rock solid? I care a bit about VRMs because I want to be sure the CPU gets plenty of juice and not overheat either. I was leaning towards the ASRock because of the heatsink and extra fan headers, but I won't get it if it's known to be glitchy and troublesome.
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