Are you a ARGB / fan genius? How to hook it up?

Hi there...ive got a lan cool case 2 w/argb, master cooler ML360R argb + master cooler MF120R ARGB 3IN1 + extra 3 case fans.
Connectors on Mobo:
1 argb
2 rgb
3 chassis fan
1 cpu fan
1 cpu opt
1 aio pump
What is best way to hook up to asus tuf x570 MB..thx :-)
I was rhinking to use the master cooler..argb and pwm hub. (6 ports x 4 pin pwm) perhaps there is a better way where I don't lose Aura sync?


  • TheITDad
    As of right now with cooler master there doesn't seem to be a better way, at least not one I can find that would guarantee the fans would work properly.  Ironically not cool from cooler master.
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